The Story Behind our New Photoshoots: By now you have seen or heard about our Mother's Day 2020 Promo everywhere and heard from your friends.

We feel so bad that this year all gathering parties are set to be canceled. We lived our lives in large gatherings, weddings, celebrations, family unions.

We wanted to bring our customers and moms something new &  special and unique this year in their Back Yard & Front Yard. Very intimate and real deal. 

We created a super savor deal for only $129 and intended for a few families for affordable mothers day gift.

What happened next was amazing. We fell in love with what we were doing. It brought joyful tears to our eyes seeing how our small photoshoot brought happiness to so many families. We photographed front line heroes nurses, moms, newborns, children, and grandparents.1st Birthdays without large family, Pregnancy, hot solo summer shot, and more. The results from all of the shoots are always almost the same. Happiness & Excitement.

We also have clients who are double booking for a later time. We now have requests for graduations, couples shoot, and more. 

We decided to keep our plan and keep our shooting style: Lifestyle, Natural, and Photojournal looks that you love from us. You can also send someone a Photoshoot Day gift which is lost of fun for them and you.       

Mommy & Me $129

  • ZF New York has created a  limited unique gift idea for Mommy this year  

  • Introducing Back Yard/Front Yard Photoshoot  Sesseions

  • Our photographer will have a special safe distancing camera (long-distance lens more than 6 feet away.

  • The session will be up to 25 min long

  • Our Photographer will be shooing poses & lifestyle 

  • Portraits & family 

  • Up to 5 people 

  • Can bring accessories, props, cake, flower, hat, sign, etc.. 

  • Some Pets are welcome too :)

  • * We do not come inside any indoor spaces

Price $129 until May 30, 2020

What will you get?

  • PROOF Digital link from your Photo session 

  • 40% Discount on hundreds of our online Store Print shop

  • You can also purchase Hard Cover custom photos albums & ship it to your family.

  • Plus Refer a friend and you can get get 1 Free PHOTO GIFT from us shipped to your door.









Ok ready? What Should I wear?

It's up to you but we love colors. It's summer and we want to show vibrant colors and celebrate life during this historic time.

You can also have a theme with your family shoot.

Set the same color jeans, white, flowers, patterns etc?

You can bring toys that your kids connect with and we can capture lifestyle. Having fun. 

You should have masks to use for some shots.

If you are concerned about your hair roots or nails you can be creative with accessories. Remember this year will be written in history. So this year's photoshoot you are who you really are :) 

Please note we will be viewing your address before we confirm your booking due to distance & restrictions in NY.VA.CA.


Prior to booking and confirming your time slot, we will be sending you an Online invoice which you can choose to pay using your credit card. 

You can also send us a gift request if you want to purchase this package as a GIFT to your loved one. 


No refunds- Exchanges only and change of date is allowed. 


Reserve NOW get 40%OFF ALL PRINT PRODUCTS from your online shopping cart after the photoshoot
Price $129 until May 30, 2020 (extended due to high command)
02:02 PM