Our Story Behind our New Corona year Photo-shoots Programs. By now you have seen or heard about our 2020 Photo shoots Programs.


Why we did this?

You always smiled for our cameras now we like to bring you smiles back.We feel so sad we are away from your parties this year but we are all in this together.


Since we have to follow stay home rules, We wanted to do something unique, joyful and exiting this year in your own Back Yard /Front Yard. Very intimate and real no fine print. 

We created a super savor gift deal Something never done before from our company.

What happened next was amazing. We fell in love with our cause and what we started. It brought joyful tears to our eyes seeing how our small photo-shoot brought happiness to so many families in this hard time.


We photographed front line heroes nurses, moms, graduates, children, and grandparents.

1st Birthdays without large family, Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the door, Pregnancy,  solo summer fun portraits, engagement and more.

The reactions from all of the shoots are always almost the same. Happiness & Excitement & tears.You can also send someone a POP Photo-shoot Day gift which is lost of fun for them and you. 


We also have clients who are double booking for a later time.You can also send someone a Photo-shoot Day gift  which is lost of fun for them and you. 

We decided to keep our plan simple and keep our shooting style: Lifestyle, Natural, and magazine edit looks that you love from us.



  • 🧑‍🎓 Our students were also heroes this year don’t forget their lives also changed in 2020

  • We have an exciting event for the class of 2020

  • Introducing Back Yard/Front Yard Graduation Photo-shoot 

  • Our photographer will have a special safe distancing camera (long-distance lens more than 6 feet away). 

  • The session will be up to 25 min long

  • Photos will be  poses & lifestyle 

  • Up to 5 people 

  • Can bring accessories, props, flower, hat, sign, etc.. 

Price $139 until June 30, 2020 

What will you get?

  • PROOF Digital link from your Photo session 

  • 1 8x10 Canvas Print

  • 10 5x8 Collage Cards

  • 40% discount to purchase securely online-store after viewing your Photo links

  • Plus send a friend and you can get 1 Free PHOTO GIFT from us shipped to your door.

Ok ready? What Should I do? Fill out the form Below.

  • Bring- Cap & Gown & fake diploma ( Be creative)

  • It's summer and we want to show vibrant colors

  • You can bring balloons or confetti

  • You can have cute home made masks to use for some shots.

  • Did you miss out Prom? Dress Up- Put on make up- Have a photo of your prom date (his or her photo on your phone or print it out)

Remember this year will be written in the history books. So this year's photo-shoot you are who you really are a hero :) 

Please note we will be viewing your address before we confirming your booking due to distance & restrictions in NY.VA.CA.


we will be sending you an Online invoice which you can choose to pay securely using your credit card. 

You can also send us a gift request if you want to purchase this package as a GIFT to your loved one. 


No refunds- Exchanges only and change of date is allowed. 


Didn’t have graduation in 2020.

Let’s put on your cap and gown and make a real 👩‍🎓Graduation Photoshoot

from all ages pre-k to doctors this year📸📸 $139 until May 25 now open for state parks, front door/back yard ✅ @zfnewyorkstudio

🎓Graduates of 2020 for sure are part of a historic era class of 2020. Their classrooms were their living rooms, they were forced to use computers and iPads 👩‍💻all day long. They could not see their friends or family, they did not have a prom, they did not get their diploma's by hand & didn't handshake their teachers or professors. They did not give a speech or they did not get to throw their caps to the sky at the need of the graduation. They used the zoom app to virtually connect to the outside world. what a weird and unforeseen year. But they survived this confusing time and they graduated. Congrats.🧑‍🎓🎓🎓🎓🥳🥳 #classof2020

Reserve NOW get 40%OFF ALL PRINT PRODUCTS from your online shopping cart after the photoshoot
Price $139 until June 30, 2020 (extended due to high command)
03:34 PM

Graduation 2020 Price $139 until June 30, 2020